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Wondering How Long You'll Have Physical Therapy?

Woman Jumping outside - Physical TherapyOften, patients receiving physical therapy at Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians have the question of how long their physical therapy will last. This is a tough question, and unfortunately, one that doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter answer. When it comes to physical therapy, there are many factors as to how long the process will take, and each of these factors is on a per individual basis. As you learn to reuse a limb or joint, physical therapy can be a long and painful process, so wanting to understand just how long you’ll have to endure it is logical.

The length of physical therapy is dependent on many circumstances:

  • Recommendation of your doctor
  • Healing rate
  • Pain tolerance
  • Dedication to both in-office and at-home exercises
  • Intensity of the injury
  • Risk for re-injury
  • Age

There is no way to know for certain how long physical therapy will last. The important thing is to focus on progress, regardless of time. Set goals, and reward yourself for breakthroughs. By encouraging yourself, you’ll be sure to keep a positive outlook on your physical therapy. Bellevue patients find that by keeping their experience focused on achievement rather than duration, physical therapy seems to go by much faster!

If you have questions about physical therapy, Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians can answer. Contact our office for more information.