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What to Expect During Your Surgery

Rotator Cuff Surgery Bellevue You are experiencing extreme pain in your shoulder, and as you consult our doctors at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians, it turns out your rotator cuff is damaged beyond repair. It’s recommended you’ll need rotator cuff surgery to live pain-free and continue with your normal routine.

As you get ready for the rotator cuff surgery, it’s important to know what should be expected prior, during, and after the surgery. We provide detailed explanations to prepare you for your surgery on our website. What can you expect as you go through your rotator cuff surgery in our Bellevue office?

Before: When you decide your surgery date, we will provide you a pre-surgery information folder designed to make your surgery as comfortable and safe as possible. Ten days before your surgery, you’ll need to stop taking medications as prescribed by our doctors. However, you may take Tylenol if you deem it necessary. The day before surgery, eat or drink nothing after midnight including gum, water, candy, coffee, chewing tobacco, etc. It’s important to arrange a ride home because you will not be allowed to drive yourself home after surgery.

During: It’s essential to check-in on time because it may lead to cancelling your appointment. Leave your valuables and jewelry at home.

After: After the surgery is complete, you’ll receive discharge instructions, and we will check on you the day after surgery to make sure you are recovery properly and answer any questions you may have.

Pains in your body can put a damper on your life, and our fine orthopedic surgeons have the training to take away the pain. Call BBJP today if are experiencing pain in your rotator cuff!