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Upcoming Event for Physicians and Therapists at Overlake Hospital

Dr. Thomas Trumble, a top orthopedic surgeon in Bellevue, has been invited to chair an upcoming educational event at Overlake Hospital. This event is taking place on September 17th and is an Occupational Injuries symposium that will introduce physicians and therapists to exciting new and practical concepts in the treatment of occupational injuries to the hand and upper extremity.

Lee Glass, MD, Associate Medial Director, Washington State Department of L & I, as well as David J. Slutsky, MD, FRCS (C), Hand, Wrist and Peripheral Nerve Surgery will be featured speakers.

In addition to Dr. Trumble, our Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians team will be well represented as Micheal Battaglia, MD, Clyde Johnson, PT and Robert Bradbury, PT will be speaking at this event as well.

For more information about this exciting conference, please click on the link above.