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Total Hip and Total Knee Surgery Options In Bellevue

Total Hip and Total Knee Surgery BellevueAre you exploring treatment options for problems with your bones and joints? From minor procedures to total hip and total knee replacement surgery, Bellevue residents have come to appreciate that Bellevue Bone & Joint is the best choice for caring for their needs.

With world-class orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors, we can provide you with the personalized attention and priority service that you need to get your active life-style back on track.

If your hip is damaged by a fracture, arthritis, or other conditions, you know all too well that activities that many take for granted such as putting on socks and shoes, walking, or getting in or out of the car can be difficult, even painful to perform. Your hip may cause you great discomfort even when you are doing nothing else but resting.

A knee that has been damaged by trauma, arthritis (osteoarthritis), or other conditions of the joint can also negatively affect the lifestyle of an individual. Extensive pain, stiffness, and limited daily function of the knee can severely limit performing even the basic activities of our busy daily lives.

We understand how important it is to have healthy bodies. Not all problems are equal in severity, nor do they all require surgery. If you currently suffer from pain in your bones and joints, have questions about physical therapy, or would like more information about procedures such as total hip and total knee replacement surgery, we at Bellevue Bone & Joint can help. Call today, and take that important “first step” to recovery.