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June is National Safety Month – Stay Safe!

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Today is National Safety Month (NSM)! This annual event educates and influences behavior around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. The National Safety Council encourages other organizations to get involved with this event to provide a safe and healthy environment. Celebrating 100 Years of Safety! Within the past 100 years, nearly 6 million lives…

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How To Fix Shoulder Injury Pain in 12 Weeks With Surgery


Beware of YouTube videos entitled “fix your shoulder pain”. If a knife-like shoulder pain cripples who you once were on the field and won’t let you sleep at night, the advice of so-called “fitness celebrities” can easily destroy remaining shoulder tissue—flushing your sports career down the toilet. Your goal is to heal your shoulder to…

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Am I Just Sore or Am I Really Hurt?

After a good workout you expect to feel some muscle soreness, but how do you know when that soreness has crossed the fine line from soreness to injury. Muscle Soreness When we exercise or exert our muscles we put them under tension which causes micro tears, this and/or an excess of lactic acid build up…

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Kinesio Tape: Myth or Miracle?

Learn more about kinesio taping from your top Bellevue Physical Therapist

If you saw last night’s NCAA Championship game, we’re sure you gasped as Kentucky’s Alex Poythress (#22) leaped over Connecticut’s Lasan Kromah(#20) or  reveled in the moment Kentucky’s James Young (#1) dunked over two Huskies. But if you were watching the game closely, especially during Connecticut’s awe in their 60-54 victory, you might have noticed…

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