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Sports Medicine: Treating Your Sports Injuries

A running breaks through the ribbon at the finish line of a track.At Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians, we have several doctors who are trained in sports medicine to treat any sports-related injuries. What exactly is sports medicine? It’s a study in the medical field specifically focused on the science of sports.

You may not be aware you’ll need to treat a sports-related injury, and learning about our sports medicine in Bellevue can help you prevent you from worsening your injuries.

Whether you need surgery or physical therapy, our excellent team will strive to let you continue your athletics pain-free. When undergoing sports medicine under our orthopedic surgeons, they may focus on problems with the elbow, shoulder, hand, and wrist. When you undergo physical therapy, our specialists will find programs, workouts, and stretches suited to repair your injury. We will work around your difficulties to make sure your experience with us is as comfortable as possible.

We have X-rays, casting, and splinting, and our specialties in joint replacements, Arthroscopy, and spine surgery has given us countless years of experience to determine what the best treatment is for you. Whether you need to be referred out or can be treated in our office, we are confident we’ll find the best treatment to make sure your sports injuries are healed and do not cause future problems.

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