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Rotator Cuff Surgery in Bellevue

Rotator Cuff Surgery in BellevueNothing may be more frustrating than a disorder of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff keeps the ball of the arm bone set in the shoulder blade socket. Not only is a tear or disorder very painful, it causes full dysfunction of the arm and shoulder. If the tear is extreme, or cannot be treated by nonsurgical means, the only means of repair may be rotator cuff surgery. Bellevue Boin and Joint Physicians sees and treats rotator cuff disorders in our office quite regularly.

Often, the rotator cuff will heal on its own, however this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, surgery may be the only treatment option. Your doctor will determine whether or not surgery is necessary based on the tear itself, your physical activity, and past treatment attempts. To find out if your best treatment option is rotator cuff surgery, consult your Bellevue doctor.

The most common symptom of rotator cuff injury is pain over the shoulder and arm, and possible shoulder weakness. For the best healing results of a tear or sudden injury, treatment should begin soon after injury. In particular, if surgery is needed, it should be done within a few weeks. If you suspect you may have a rotator cuff disorder, seek medical advice as soon as possible to have it evaluated.

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