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Professional Treatment Of Shoulder Pain In Bellevue

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty BellevueDo you suffer daily from shoulder pain? Whether it requires physiotherapy, medication, minor procedures, or total shoulder arthroplasty, Bellevue Bone & Joint are the experts that can help you improve your painful condition.

As your leaders in caring for bone and joint problems, our highly qualified sports medicine doctors and orthopedists have the needed skills to both diagnose the severity of your condition and to recommend and perform the appropriate procedures to rectify the problem.

The shoulder is made up of two bones, the shoulder blade (scapula) and the long bone of the upper arm. The end of the shoulder blade is a socket into which the “ball” or end of that long bone of the arm fits. Cushioned by cartilage, and attached and stabilized by ligaments, tendons, and muscles, it allows you to twist, raise, and bend your arms with great mobility. Although the long bone of the arm is called the humerus, there is absolutely nothing funny about the discomfort that results when there is damage or deterioration of the cartilage or other parts of the shoulder joint.

Movements that you once carried out with little thought such as raising your arms above your head, brushing your teeth, or picking up your pet can be painful…perhaps nearly impossible.

There are several reasons why shoulder pain can occur and there are various procedures available to treat this condition. So if you have pain in your joints or bones, such as your shoulder, do not feel there is nothing that can be done.

We can help diagnose your condition and then take appropriate action to start the healing process. From non-surgical treatment options to more serious conditions requiring total shoulder arthroplasty, we at Bellevue Bone & Joint have the compassion and expertise that you and your body need to get back to health.