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Get Moving – For Your Health’s Sake

When every movement causes pain, the way most people deal with pain is just not to move.  While this can give temporary relief, the negative effects of being sedentary for long periods of time are extremely serious.

Why Sitting is Bad for YouPhysical therapist Bellevue get moving

Strangely enough, we learned about the detrimental effects of prolonged inactivity by observing astronauts in space. The human body deteriorates faster in anti-gravity situations and research has found that sitting for an extended period actually simulates being in a low-gravity type environment.

Movement, even things as small as standing and bending, increases gravity’s force on your body. So put simply, movement is VITAL to your body’s vitality and health!

Benefits of moving more:

  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes
  • Improved weight management
  • Reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders

How Physical Therapy Can Help

No matter what part of your body is hurting, a physical therapist can help you manage that pain and get moving again. Even chronic low back pain which affects up to 80% of Americans at some time in their life can be alleviated on a long-term basis.

The American Heart Association encourages those suffering with pain from tendinitis/bursitis, degenerative joint problems, and inflammatory joint problems to see a physical therapist for initial treatment rather than prescription pain medicine. Circulation, February 2007

The best thing about working with a physical therapist is that your treatment plan can be totally customized to you- your needs, challenges and abilities. And as your mobility changes, your treatment can change.

Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians has an outstanding PT program and doctors. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and get you up and moving again! Call us today at (425) 462-9800 or contact us for an appointment with a physical therapist in Bellevue.

And remember, life is movement!