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New Study: How an Active Lifestyle Can Better Your Attention Span

Whether you participate in an active, physical sport or you like to keep your body fit, you can rest assure our team at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians stand at the ready to care for any sports-related injury.

We encourage active exercising for everyone because of the many health benefits it brings. In fact, a fit body can better your cognitive performance than inactive people, which was proven at the University of Granada.

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The Demonstration

The researchers’ test group consisted of 28 young males – 14 had low level of physical activity and the other 14 had high level of physical “aptitude.”

In this study, researchers at the university demonstrated people who are normally active have a better attention span than those who are not active. They also concluded people who have a high level of physical activity had more rapid reaction times.

“It is important therefore to highlight that both the physiological and behavioral results obtained through our study suggest that the main benefit resulting from the good physical condition of the cyclists who participated in the study, appeared to be associated with the processes implicated by sustained attention,” explains Antonio Luque Casado of the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of Granada, the principal author of the study.

Moral of the Story: Stay Active!

While more studies need to be conducted to confirm the researchers’ findings, it is still crucial to gain an active lifestyle to live a healthy life. You do not have to be an athlete to maintain active habits. Brisk walks, a leisurely stroll, a jog in the park – these are excellent ways to stay active.

As your sports medicine provider in Bellevue, we understand the importance of physical activity and will be more than happy to inform you how you can keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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