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New Bellevue Healthcare Neighbors for BBJP

Bellevue HealthcareAt Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians (BBJP), we’re happy to announce the arrival of our new Bellevue healthcare associates that will be operating within our BBJP clinic. They are Dr. Garrett Hyman and his staff from Washington Sports Medicine. As a highly respected doctor and diagnostician, Dr. Hyman specializes in the prevention and treatment of sports, general musculoskeletal and spinal injuries, employing advanced non-surgical procedures. Some of these cutting-edge, non-surgical testing and techniques include:

  • nerve conduction studies and electromyography.
  • EMG (electromyogram) testing and diagnosing of tendon, muscle and nerve disorders employing ultrasound, along with ultrasound guided joint, tendon and bursa injections.
  • viscosupplement injections.
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections.
  • spinal injections expertly guided by x-rays.

Bellevue Healthcare

We’re pleased to be sharing our home with Washington Sports Medicine and the commitment to helping our patients return to an active lifestyle that’s free from chronic pain and restrictions. Check out our websites to learn more about the varying life-changing treatments and services available to you. For all your Bellevue healthcare needs, including both surgical and non-surgical procedures, contact your spine, bone and joint experts at BBJP.