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Let Physical Therapy Melt Your Pains Away

Physical Therapy BellevueWhen it comes to tending your body’s aches and pains, our excellent physical therapy in Bellevue will tend to your body’s needs. If you have a hamstring strain or an ankle fracture, our physical therapists can remedy the pain allowing proper mobility and function for your body.

Physical therapy is a wonderful practice to improve your quality of life. In fact, physical therapists are needed to attend to the bodies of our American heroes. The New York Times highlighted the miracle work a physical therapist has provided for our soldiers. Specifically, they feature Captain Rachel Odom who tends to 3,500 men and women’s bodies before they reach their breaking point.

The American troops suffer from the tolls of war by hiking through mountains carrying a lot of gear where it can lead to daily aches, pains, and injuries. Captain Odom tends to these soldiers by “stretching out legs, lifting arms or standing on a box to lean over and pummel pulled back muscles, accompanied by sighs, groans, thanks and the occasional curse.” Her desire is to allow these soldiers perform their duties with little pain as possible.

The art of physical therapy can bring relief to anyone’s bodies including our soldiers and yourself. Our trained physical therapists strive to make sure you live a quality life pain-free with many options to match your needs.

Don’t let your body’s aches interfere with your life. Call BBJP today to consult with our physical therapists.