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Leading Seattle Area Orthopedists–Dr. Michael Battaglia

Seattle Orthopedists In providing world-class amenities and treatment options, Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians (BBJP) promotes good bone, joint and spine health for the greater Seattle area. Our orthopedists and sports medicine doctors use their vast experience and state-of-the art technology to ensure that each patient receives the best education and treatment possible for their injury or disorder.

Dr. Michael Battaglia, MD is one of those premier orthopedic surgeons at BBJP that is well respected by both his patients and his peers. He has tremendous experience and knowledge in surgical procedures. In addition to operating on over 150 division IA NCAA athletes, he has been a regular orthopedic surgical consultant to the Navy Special Forces or SEAL teams.

Furthermore, he has published many peer-reviewed articles and authored book chapters on ACL and revision ACL surgery. As a leader in the industry on that topic, Dr. Battaglia has been asked to share his vast experience with others by speaking at the Lake Washington Physical Therapy Lecture Series 2012. His lecture on the topic/updates of ACL graft selection will be for educating other medical professionals, as well as athletes, coaches and members of the community in search of answers.

Our patients find it reassuring to be treated by our world-class physicians, such as Dr. Battaglia, who have the skills and experience that even fellow doctors turn to for education. If you are looking in the Seattle area for orthopedists who are highly skilled and respected, look no further than Dr. Battaglia and the other world-class orthopedists at Bellevue Bone and Joint.