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June is National Safety Month – Stay Safe!

Today is National Safety Month (NSM)! This annual event educates and influences behavior around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. The National Safety Council encourages other organizations to get involved with this event to provide a safe and healthy environment.

 Bellevue Physical Therapist Celebrating 100 Years of Safety!

Within the past 100 years, nearly 6 million lives have been saved through the dedication of other organizations spreading the words and practicing important aspects of NSM.

How can you stay safe?

Each week in June, NSM highlights a theme that brings attention to safety issues. Educating yourself on the following themes can help you stay safe:

  • Preventing slips, trips, and falls – The third leading cause of unintentional deaths is accidental falls. With summer just around the corner, yard work is starting to take full bloom. When you use devices such as ladders, be sure you’re secure to avoid tragic falls.
  • Employee Wellness – Always eat right and exercises regularly.
  • Emergency preparedness – Natural disasters and fires can occur at any time. Dedicate this month to practice emergency drills with your family members.
  • Ergonomics – No matter your work environment, ergonomic issues affect us all and can impact our well-being. Throughout the work day, be sure to stretch and take a brisk walk to help your body stay active.

At Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians, we want you to stay safe during work, school, or sports. If you do happen to come by an injury, each Bellevue physical therapist in our office will be ready to help! Give us a call today and make sure you spread the news about NSM!