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Improving Lives Through Surgery in Bellevue

Hand Surgery in BellevueAt Bellevue Bone and Joint, our goal reaches far beyond providing the needed surgery to those in Bellevue and surrounding areas. We take great pride in improving the quality of life of our patients, even helping in areas that once were thought to be impossible.

Take Daniel Coffey for instance, a patient of one of our doctors, Thomas Trumble, MD. Some seven years ago, Daniel was in a serious car accident that left him severely disabled, quadriplegic and unable to speak. Both of his hands stayed immovable and clenched in frozen fists.

Daniel and is family had been told that his hands would not get better. In fact they were told that his thumb would need to be amputated and that tendons would need to be cut, leaving no mobility.

But in June 2011, Dr. Trumble helped Daniel to do something that he had not done in some 7 years…he could now open his left hand. By means of skillful, delicate surgery affecting his muscles, tendons, and joints, the unimaginable was accomplished. The lives of Daniel and his parents received a “ray of sunshine” that they never thought would be possible. With therapy, it is hoped that he will be able to do more than simply open his hand, but gain use of it again. Plans are now being made for his right hand as well. You can check out full coverage of the story here.

If you suffer from chronic pain from injuries or disorders, do not feel that relief is beyond your reach. Please contact us at Bellevue Bone and Joint for a consultation. We strive to provide more than just surgery in the Bellevue area.