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How To Fix Shoulder Injury Pain in 12 Weeks With Surgery

Strong male athlete with shoulder injury pain fixing it with surgery

Beware of YouTube videos entitled “fix your shoulder pain”. If a knife-like shoulder pain cripples who you once were on the field and won’t let you sleep at night, the advice of so-called “fitness celebrities” can easily destroy remaining shoulder tissue—flushing your sports career down the toilet.

Your goal is to heal your shoulder to get back in the game and play beyond retirement.

For that, you need to know if you really need surgery, how long it takes to recover from shoulder injury surgery, and how to identify the best shoulder surgery specialists in the Washington area. Keep reading to learn the answers!


Do you need surgery or rehab to fix your shoulder?

Depending on the injury and your sport, specialized surgery in conjunction with various reconstructive and rehabilitative programs can improve the functions of your many tendons, fibers, and muscles of the shoulder joint.

For example, athletes who play tennis, baseball, or contact sports like rugby and football could easily have a torn rotator cuff that can only be fixed with surgery.

Do not self diagnose. Severe shoulder injury pain should always be discussed with a specialized physician & surgeon.


You may need a surgical procedure to fix your shoulder injury pain if you:

  • Suffered severe trauma or car accident.
  • Strong pain medication is no longer working.
  • Have endured for several months with pain that is getting worse, not better.
  • Have zero mobility or excruciating pain when moving your shoulder past a certain angle.
  • Sustained prolonged damage to a previous untreated injury.


Strong female athlete with strong shoulder after surgery


What will it take to fix your shoulder injury pain in 12 weeks?

After proper diagnosis, surgery, and rehab, patients generally heal completely from shoulder surgery in 3-6 months, fully returning to their normal activities on the playing turf and at home.

Of course, we can’t make any promises since your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to your sport, age, gender, lifestyle, and other health factors to maximize functional results and minimize recovery time.

For athletes in good physical condition and who follow their personalized rehab program, the average time of recovery to get back on the field is 12 weeks.


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Commit to healing 2X faster after shoulder surgery

Why do some people take more than 6 months to heal where others can heal their shoulder completely in 12 weeks?

The answer: commitment.


What you put into life is what you get out of it.
– Clint Eastwood


As with your sport, you will recover  faster from shoulder surgery the more diligently you follow your post-operative rehab exercises. A wound will heal in a couple of weeks, but proper functions do not “heal”; you must “teach” the muscles, joints, and tendons to be healthy again.

True, your age and severity of condition represent a significant role in the recovery time. Nevertheless, how well you commit to a nutrient rich diet, enough sleep, and your prescribed daily exercises makes all the difference between an athlete being back on the field after a severe shoulder injury in 3 months vs. one sitting at home for over half a year.




Choose the best and fastest shoulder fix for YOU

Avoid self-diagnosis or YouTube diagnosis. You can fix your shoulder injury and heal from the surgery in 12 weeks to 6 months depending on your level of commitment and your physical condition.

Our qualified shoulder physicians and surgeons are pleased to help you “re-train” those muscles, joints, and tendons to give their pain-free best on the field—and in life.

Choose one of our Washington offices near you.  Call to schedule an appointment at 425.462.9800 to get back in the game before the season ends.


Over to you, do you have a friend or teammate with severe shoulder problems? Send them this article to fix their shoulder injury; it may not be too late for them!