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How Physical Therapy near Seattle Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Keep your active lifestyle with physical therapy for SeattleFor individuals sidelined by injuries, disorders or illness, much can be done to restore strength, flexibility and range of motion by means of physical therapy. Our premier Seattle area facility at Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians (BBJP) is renowned for being leaders in the fields of sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and physical therapy.

Many things have a bearing on physical therapy treatment. Factors including patient age, health condition, required surgeries, area of the body affected, and the extent of an injury/condition will dictate how to proceed appropriately. Our elite physical therapists have the skill and expertise to evaluate, diagnose and manage your physical therapy treatment plan, customizing it to your own specific, unique needs. A combination of exercise, ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat, cold, and massage can be used to facilitate the recovery process. As well, our team will provide education and training on promoting healthy lifestyles, and how to prevent injuries and loss of movement.

Physical therapy is a helpful process in recovering from some surgeries, in combating arthritis, and in aiding heart and stoke rehabilitation. It’s employed to provide pain relief, and in restoring basic physical function and fitness levels in areas of the body in need. It can also open the door for some patients to resume participating in more strenuous activities and sports in the future.

Physical therapy can help restore optimal function for people of all ages and varying physical conditions. Contact us today at BBJP to see how our physical therapy for Seattle area residents can better the lives of you and the special ones around you.