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Get On The Road To Recovery — Your Physical Therapist in Bellevue

Physical Therapist Bellevue

Get On The Road To Recovery — Your Physical Therapist in Bellevue

At Bellevue Bone and Joint, we’re qualified to care for issues you may have with your bones, spine, and joints. Our orthopedic surgeons and physical therapist located in Bellevue can help you from beginning to end, promoting your recovery as quickly and as successfully as possible.

Injuries, illnesses or disorders can limit an individual’s ability to perform activities in a daily routine. Many of these problems can be rectified through physical therapy and without the use of drugs or surgery.

Physical therapy can aid people of all ages and address the varying health related conditions that they face. As each individual and their situation is unique, our physical therapist will meet with you and develop a specific plan for you using treatment techniques to promote your ability to move, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent disability.

More than that, he can help develop for you appropriate fitness and wellness-oriented programs that will help to prevent loss of mobility before it even occurs. You will also receive education that allows you as the patient to learn how to look after your injuries and to feel as healthy as you can at any stage of life.

If you are experiencing problems with the health of your bones, joints, or spine, we encourage you to contact our world-class team at Bellevue Bone and Joint. By means of a thorough consultation, we will diagnose your individual condition and what action may be required such as surgery, the need of a physical therapist here in Bellevue, or a combination of procedures. The road to recovery is available to you and it starts with Bellevue Bone and Joint.