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Get a Healthy Start with 2013 by Visiting BBJP

Welcome to the new year! As you leave 2012 behind, make a fresh and healthy start with 2013 by obtaining your orthopedic goals. Whether you need surgery, casting, physical therapy or imaging, your Bellevue orthopedic surgeon wants to help you reach your goals.

You can ensure your body’s health is in good hands. The team at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians offer exquisite and revolutionary skills for all their patients. Some of those services include:

  • Physical theraoy
  • Casting and splinting
  • X-Rays
  • Visco-supplementation

Of course, your orthopedic surgeon needs your help to make your year worthwhile and healthy. Along with seeing your physician, make sure you incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. Make sure your diet is a healthy one. Fruits, dairy, and vegetables all have essential elements that not only provide your body its appropriate nutrients, it’s also nature’s toothbrush keeping your teeth clean. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt all have calcium, which promotes strong bones.

Welcome the year 2013 by caring for your body to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Call BBJP today to schedule your personal consultation and share your goals for 2013.

Do you have any resolutions for 2013? Share them by commenting below!