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Fully Digital X-Ray Department–Sports Medicine in Bellevue

Sports Medicine in BellevueInjuries or disorders to the bones, spine, or joints can cause painful restrictions that seriously affect lifestyles. As experts in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, we at Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians (BBJP) know that an essential part of the patient’s healing process is in providing a diagnosis that is correct, safe and timely.

That is why we always strive to use and incorporate new technology in our premier center for orthopedic surgery and physical therapy. In fact, we are proud that we now provide diagnoses using fully digital x-ray systems, right here in our own facility.

How does this benefit you as the patient?

1. Safer – Using fully digital x-rays significantly reduces the exposure to radiation that comes from traditional x-rays.

2. Quality – Digital x-rays provide the highest of quality images without the problems resulting from under- or over-exposure as with regular x-rays. Digital pictures can also be magnified significantly and yet still maintain clarity of the image.

3. Faster – Traditional x-rays require a waiting period before they are available to view. Other times, x-rays have to be redone if the first ones do not show what is needed. With digital x-rays the images can be seen immediately, which assures that the images taken of the area in question are visible and clear. Then these diagnostic images are instantly available to the doctors and team at BBJP. Multiple copies of the same images can be made available to different doctors simultaneously if necessary.

At Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians, we are proud to offer our patients with the best service possible by providing state-of-the-art technology such as our fully digital x-ray systems. As leaders in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and sports medicine in Bellevue and surrounding areas, we would be honored to help you get back to the active lifestyle that you are looking for.