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Join the Eastside Community Crawl and You Could WIN a $300 Shopping Spree!

We’re so excited to participate in the Eastside Community Crawl and offer Bellevue Bone and Joint’s readers a chance to win a $300 Bellevue Collection Shopping Spree! 

If you’re on the crawl, scroll down to find our unique game piece. If you’re new to the
crawl, go here to get details and join the contest: http://www.schurorthodontics.com/eastside-community-crawl/
Community Crawl
  1.  Make note of our unique game piece shown above.
  2.  Head to the next stop on the crawl: http://www.aadamstreeservice.com/blog/eastside-community-crawl
Special thanks to Schur Orthodontics for hosting this fun opportunity to win a $300 Bellevue Collection Shopping Spree (redeemable at more than 250 stores and restaurants!)
We’d love it if you would share this contest with your friends on Facebook! Best of luck!