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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine: Treating Your Sports Injuries

A running breaks through the ribbon at the finish line of a track.

At Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians, we have several doctors who are trained in sports medicine to treat any sports-related injuries. What exactly is sports medicine? It’s a study in the medical field specifically focused on the science of sports. You may not be aware you’ll need to treat a sports-related injury, and learning about…

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Ankle Sprains: How to Speed Your Recovery

Bellevue Healthcare

About 25,000 ankle sprains occur in the United States every day. If not healed properly, an ankle sprain can lead to aggravating pain throughout other parts of your body. Recovering your ankle injury takes patience, but if you apply the appropriate steps to heal your ankle, the recovery is inevitable. Recovering your ankle sprain 1)…

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How To Fix Shoulder Injury Pain in 12 Weeks With Surgery


Beware of YouTube videos entitled “fix your shoulder pain”. If a knife-like shoulder pain cripples who you once were on the field and won’t let you sleep at night, the advice of so-called “fitness celebrities” can easily destroy remaining shoulder tissue—flushing your sports career down the toilet. Your goal is to heal your shoulder to…

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