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We Work Wonders with Muscles, Bones, and Joints

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Improve Your Back Pain With At Home Stretching

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When you experience back pain, what is your first response? According to Dr. Peter Ullrich, we tend to “take it easy” – staying in bed or stopping any activity we consider strenuous. Even though this may seem the right step towards healing, back exercises are the true and necessary way to “rehabilitate the spine and help…

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5 FAQs About Total Joint Replacement

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Our goal at Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians is to find relief and comfort for you and your family. When it comes to our Bellevue surgery, our orthopedists are sympathetic to the pain you feel from injuries or disorders, and will do what it takes to make you comfortable. Additionally, they are experienced to perform…

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Get to Know Our Team: Meet Robert Bradbury

Looking for the right physical therapist can be a daunting task. You want someone who is capable of getting you back into tip-top shape. For the finest physical therapy in Bellevue, look no further than Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians where you will be under the expert care of Robert Bradbury! Meet Robert Bradbury, Providing Physical…

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How Can We Relieve Your Severe Knee Pain?

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Do pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion seem all too familiar around your knee? If so, you and 27 million Americans are experiencing the most common form of arthritis: osteoarthritis. What is osteoarthritis (OA)? OA is the most common form of knee pain. The fluid that cushions and lubricates your knee joint can breakdown…

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June is National Safety Month – Stay Safe!

Bellevue Physical Therapist

Today is National Safety Month (NSM)! This annual event educates and influences behavior around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. The National Safety Council encourages other organizations to get involved with this event to provide a safe and healthy environment. Celebrating 100 Years of Safety! Within the past 100 years, nearly 6 million lives…

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Meet the Newest Addition of our Team: Dr. Boone, Orthopedic Doctor for Bellevue

Orthopedic doctor in Bellevue.

We would like to introduce our newest orthopedic doctor in our Bellevue practice, Dr. Christopher Boone! Meet Dr. Boone — Orthopedic Doctor Bellevue Dr. Boone’s special interests include complex fracture care including upper extremity fractures, lower extremity fractures and fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum as well as non-unions, mal-unions and infections. Dr. Boone has extensive experience…

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Is it Possible to Regenerate Bones?

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It’s amazing how the world of medicine advances to rid pain and better patients’ lives. Well, medicine continues to make remarkable discoveries as an article published from Medical News Today reported scientists in Spain have created a biomaterial that can promote bone growth. In other words, this material could generate artificial bones from umbilical cord stem cells. What this…

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