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We Work Wonders with Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Knee Surgery

Recover in 3 Weeks from a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Dance your way to recovery in 3 weeks after total knee replacement surgery

You’ve suffered with severe arthritis of the knee (osteoarthritis) for years and you’ve tried all the non-operative methods. Getting out of bed in the morning or walking up the stairs is becoming more and more painful. But a total knee replacement is major surgery with possible complications, extended hospital stays and lengthy recovery. So, if…

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Total Hip and Total Knee Surgery Options In Bellevue

Are you exploring treatment options for problems with your bones and joints? From minor procedures to total hip and total knee replacement surgery, Bellevue residents have come to appreciate that Bellevue Bone & Joint is the best choice for caring for their needs. With world-class orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors, we can provide you…

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