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How Likely Are You to Have a Sports Injury? The Surprising Answer

Man with brace on his arm due to sports injury.

We’ve all seen that game-altering or even life-altering injury that can take down a professional sports player in just a matter of moments. Well, you think, professional sports is a pretty rough neighborhood, you’ve got to expect injuries from time-to-time. That’s true! It’s not surprising that serious injuries happen to professional sports players during contact…

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Are You a Good Candidate for PRP Therapy?

What is PRP therapy and who can benefit from it? PRP therapy stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy.  It is a safe non-surgical procedure. It is a treatment that utilizes platelets from the patient’s own blood to help rebuild a damaged cartilage or even a damaged tendon. For many people, it has been successful not just…

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The Best Foods for Workout and Recovery

BBJP Seattle Health

Just as important as a good exercise routine is a healthy eating routine! While you are enjoying some of the wonderful weather we have been having here in the Pacific Northwest (interspersed with a a few rainy days of course) and getting in some good exercise or training for an upcoming event, we wanted to…

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Kinesio Tape: Myth or Miracle?

Learn more about kinesio taping from your top Bellevue Physical Therapist

If you saw last night’s NCAA Championship game, we’re sure you gasped as Kentucky’s Alex Poythress (#22) leaped over Connecticut’s Lasan Kromah(#20) or  reveled in the moment Kentucky’s James Young (#1) dunked over two Huskies. But if you were watching the game closely, especially during Connecticut’s awe in their 60-54 victory, you might have noticed…

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Has Your Shoulder Become a Pain?

Suffering from shoulder pain? Contact us, your top Bellevue physical therapy experts, today!

Is combing your hair, tucking in your shirt, or reaching above your head painful? In Bellevue, physical therapy has assisted many in overcoming the pain of rotator cuff disorders. Our BBJP physical therapists know just what soft tissue and muscle groups to target. We can help you strengthen and reduce the pain, as well as…

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Rushing to Stay Fit? Follow These Tips!

  Here at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians, we know that looking and feeling our best for the holidays is important.  The rush to look physically fit and healthy for the season can climb to the top of the list of priorities for many of us. Whether you are new to the fitness world or…

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