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Relieve Your Arthritis Pain in Your Home

Arthritis Bellevue

Our team at Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians (BBJP) excel to target your arthritis to relieve your from the pain and discomfort. However, there will be times where you’ll be pain outside of the office. To relieve your arthritis, Natural News has shared easy homemade recipes to target your arthritis and joint pain. Having pain…

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What to Expect When You Have Thumb Arthritis

Thumb Arthritis Bellevue

Have you ever noticed a throbbing pain around the base of your thumb and wrist? If this pain sounds familiar, it’s quite common to receive this type of condition especially if you are over the age of 50. The condition we are talking about is thumb arthritis, which enflames the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. While it…

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