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How Likely Are You to Have a Sports Injury? The Surprising Answer

Man with brace on his arm due to sports injury.

We’ve all seen that game-altering or even life-altering injury that can take down a professional sports player in just a matter of moments. Well, you think, professional sports is a pretty rough neighborhood, you’ve got to expect injuries from time-to-time. That’s true! It’s not surprising that serious injuries happen to professional sports players during contact…

Keep Your New Year’s Health Resolutions on Track [Free Download]


Have trouble keeping your New Year’s health resolutions? Here are some tips and a free download to help keep you on track for success!

Recover in 3 Weeks from a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Dance your way to recovery in 3 weeks after total knee replacement surgery

You’ve suffered with severe arthritis of the knee (osteoarthritis) for years and you’ve tried all the non-operative methods. Getting out of bed in the morning or walking up the stairs is becoming more and more painful. But a total knee replacement is major surgery with possible complications, extended hospital stays and lengthy recovery. So, if…

Get your joint injury repaired without drugs or surgery today!

Sidelined by joint injury? Get back in the game.

Sidelined. A few games ago you injured your knee and it’s still killing you.  You’ve been in pain for far too long.  You’ve tried anti-inflammatories, but they aren’t enough. Surgery may be an option, but ONLY if that’s necessary. You want to get back in the game this season.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there…

How To Fix Shoulder Injury Pain in 12 Weeks With Surgery


Beware of YouTube videos entitled “fix your shoulder pain”. If a knife-like shoulder pain cripples who you once were on the field and won’t let you sleep at night, the advice of so-called “fitness celebrities” can easily destroy remaining shoulder tissue—flushing your sports career down the toilet. Your goal is to heal your shoulder to…

Are You a Good Candidate for PRP Therapy?

Are You a Good Candidate for PRP Therapy?

What is PRP therapy and who can benefit from it? PRP therapy stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy.  It is a safe non-surgical procedure. It is a treatment that utilizes platelets from the patient’s own blood to help rebuild a damaged cartilage or even a damaged tendon. For many people, it has been successful not just…

Join the Eastside Community Crawl and You Could WIN a $300 Shopping Spree!

Community Crawl

We’re so excited to participate in the Eastside Community Crawl and offer Bellevue Bone and Joint’s readers a chance to win a $300 Bellevue Collection Shopping Spree!  If you’re on the crawl, scroll down to find our unique game piece. If you’re new to the crawl, go here to get details and join the contest:  Make…

8 Healthy (and Super Easy!) Tips For Busy Schedules

healthy tips for busy schedules

Are you so busy that you almost forgot to brush your teeth this morning? With your busy schedule, incorporating healthy habits into your routine are probably far from your mind. We’re here to tell you to START THINKING HEALTHY! Try These 8 Healthy Tips! “But I don’t have time!” Nonsense! We have the perfect 8…

All Work and No Play… Not For Our Bellevue Physical Therapy Team!

Sunset in downtown Bellevue

  At Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians, we believe there are definite benefits to working hard. But, that old saying “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is also something we’ve found to be true. All of our physical therapist in Bellevue are outdoor enthusiasts in some form and enjoy being part…

Online Reviews; Modern Day Suggestion Box

Woman reading e-book on the sofa

Consumers today demand top-quality service, and rightly so. At BBJP our goal always is to excel at providing the best in customer service and patient care. Online reviews from our patients help us recognize what we’re doing right and where we can continue to make improvement. Also, according to Local Consumer Review, 88% of consumers…