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Has Your Shoulder Become a Pain?

Suffering from shoulder pain? Contact us, your top Bellevue physical therapy experts, today!Is combing your hair, tucking in your shirt, or reaching above your head painful? In Bellevue, physical therapy has assisted many in overcoming the pain of rotator cuff disorders. Our BBJP physical therapists know just what soft tissue and muscle groups to target. We can help you strengthen and reduce the pain, as well as limiting the chances of future injury.

Disuse is Misuse

If it hurts every time you move your arm, it’s easy to avoid a lot of movement on that particular limb. It’s an unfortunate habit for many, but what’s worse is that discontinuing regular use can cause further shoulder weakness and stiffness.

So what can you do?

Target Muscles

After a shoulder injury or surgery, have any of our BBJP physical therapist evaluable and design an “exercise” program specific for your recovery. Live a comfortable life again!

Your physical therapist will concentrate on the following areas:

  • Strengthening: By guiding you with exercises that will keep the muscles supporting your shoulder strong, your shoulder pain can be relieved and further injury prevented.
  • Flexibility: Restoring range of motion by using stretches designed to reduce muscle soreness, your muscles will be kept long and flexible.

Surgery-Free Relief

Many find shoulder relief through the non-surgical treatment of physical therapy. If it’s not absolutely necessary, why would you want to be “put under the knife?” With our extensive evaluation system, we can help you choose the best treatment option for you.

Your Role in Your Recovery

Of course, you play a huge role in your own recovery. Keep your therapy appointments, and be diligent in doing your home exercises.

Why not get the ball rolling and your shoulder moving comfortably by calling our Bellevue physical therapy experts today? It’s time you started feeling better!

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