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New Study: Baseball Players Return to Skill Level After Elbow Surgery

It’s every baseball player’s nightmare; suffering any kind of career ending injury. Even a tear in the UCL elbow region could make you cringe. However, a study shows that baseball players who have undergone UCL surgery are able to return to the same level or higher level of competition of an extended period of time.

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Elbow Surgery, Successful Recoveries

MD of MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Darly Osbahr was the lead author of this study, in which the study examined 256 patients (high school, college, and professional players), and about 83% of the athletes were able to get back on the playing field and still perform to their original maximum potential – sometimes even better.

“These players typically returned to play within a year of surgery and averaged an additional 3.6 years of playing time, a significant amount considering the extensive nature of this surgery in a highly competitive group of athletes. They also typically did not retire from baseball secondary to continued elbow problems.”

Getting You Back on the Field

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