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3 Ways to Lose Weight

“How can I lose weight fast?”

“How to lose weight in 5 days.”

“Why am I not losing weight?”

The questions go on because advice on losing weight is “one of the most popular questions searched for online, according to Yahoo.” Luckily, Medical News Today wrote this fabulous article about the healthiest and most efficient way to lose weight, which will be addressed throughout this article.

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First off, Don’t Crash Diet

When you need to lose weight fast, it’s easy to resort to a crash diet, restricting your calorie intake to rapidly shed the pounds. However, this type of diet not only deprives your body from essential nutrients, but it will likely make you obese in the long run.

“The trouble is, by the time the body starts turning to its reserves of fat to make up for the energy deficit caused by the crash diet, its metabolism has slowed right down… Eventually the crash dieters weight loss slows right down and he or she loses motivation. Other psychological factors start to kick in too.” –Medical News Today

The crash diet can only help you for the short-term, but it is possible lose weight at a healthy and quick rate.

3 Factors to Lose Weight

  1. Eat the Right Amount of Calories—To lose weight, you have to put the right amount of calories into your body. This doesn’t mean you have to eat less; it means you have to determine the right calorific deficit that your body needs. You can get an idea by clicking here.
  2. Get Plenty of Exercise—Consistent exercising is vital to maintain a healthy weight and make sure the pounds do not come back. The best types of exercises are aerobic and resistance training.
  3. Get the Right Amount of Sleep—This is crucial. A study has shown that women who did not sleep well were 30% more likely to put on 33 pounds. Make sure to regularly get 7-8 hours of sleep.

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