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Is it Possible to Regenerate Bones?

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It’s amazing how the world of medicine advances to rid pain and better patients’ lives. Well, medicine continues to make remarkable discoveries as an article published from Medical News Today reported scientists in Spain have created a biomaterial that can promote bone growth.

In other words, this material could generate artificial bones from umbilical cord stem cells.

What this means to you?

While this new discovery needs further research to confirm, this could revolutionize the world of medicine. It can regenerate bones especially those who suffer traumatic lesions or need to replace lost cartilage in limbs.

“The patent developed in Granada could have numerous applications in stem cell use in regenerative medicine, as well as in treating bone tissue and cartilage lesion problems.”

The scientists responsible for this patent used a 3D “support and facilities” to obtain cell types implicated in bone regeneration. “Thanks to this invention, a biomaterial consisting of stem cells supported on activated carbon cloth and capable of generating a product in which osteochondrial and mineralized extracelluar organic matrix lineage cells exist, can be obtained.”

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