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4 Things to Know before Your Bellevue Surgery—The Experts at BBJP

Bellevue Surgery Undergoing surgery can be stressful for many patients. Oftentimes though, the unknown can engender more fear and trepidation than the actual operation itself. In Bellevue, the surgery, physiotherapy and sports medicine experts at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians (BBJP) will help put your mind at ease and remove the anxiety of the unknown. What are some of the topics that they will help you to understand and decide upon before undergoing any surgical procedure?

1. Other Choices Available—Many injuries and disorders are not extreme in severity. Often, non-surgical treatment options can prove effective in addressing bone and joint pain. These non-invasive treatment solutions will be considered whenever possible. Once these non-surgical options have been exhausted, procedures involving surgery may be suggested.

2. What to Expect—The world-class orthopedic surgeons at BBJP will have a detailed conversation with you about what is involved with the actual surgery, including the benefits, any risks involved and what to expect during recovery.

3. Preparation before Surgery—Before surgery can be performed, the patient will be expected to comply with vital instructions pertaining to the safety and success of the operation. This may include desisting from taking medications containing blood thinners, including Aspirin and Ibuprofen, a number of days prior to the date of surgery. Restrictions will also be imposed on eating, drinking and smoking during the hours leading to surgery.

4. Anesthesia—Patients may elect to be fully asleep, completely unaware or awake throughout the surgery, depending on the type of procedure. After a thorough health history, your anesthesiologist will describe all of the options for anesthesia during your surgery and recommend the best alternative for you to choose from.

Suffering from chronic bone and joint pain is not the only available option. Book a consultation with the experts at Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians today to see what procedures or treatments can most effectively address your specific needs in Bellevue. Whether it’s surgery, physiotherapy or other non-surgical treatment, you can be assured that you are in the best of hands at BBJP.