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We Work Wonders with Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Archive for October 2013

We are Excited to Announce our New Website!

We are your Bellevue orthopedic experts

At Bellevue Bone & Joint Physicians, our top Bellevue orthopedic experts are committed to your bone and joint health. We want to share our expertise with you in and out of the office, which is why we have revamped our website to get you the information you are looking for. Easy Navigation, Faster Loading Our…

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Get to Know Our Team, Meet Dr. Jonah Hulst

Orthopedic surgeon in Bellevue

At Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians, our orthopedic surgeons in Bellevue specialize in many areas of surgery, making our patients’ treatments efficient and worthwhile. One of our surgeons, Dr. Jonah Hulst, not only is an invaluable member of our team, but he also is the drive force and editor of Lake Washington Physical Therapy’s website.…

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3 Ways to Lose Weight

We have Bellevue healthcare professionals.

“How can I lose weight fast?” “How to lose weight in 5 days.” “Why am I not losing weight?” The questions go on because advice on losing weight is “one of the most popular questions searched for online, according to Yahoo.” Luckily, Medical News Today wrote this fabulous article about the healthiest and most efficient…

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