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A high-tech MRI machine for Orthopedic procedures in Bellevue

Clinical Services

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a safe, painless way for your physician specializing in Orthopedics in Bellevue to look at the soft tissues inside your body.  The pictures created during the exam provide detailed diagnostic information that can improve your Physician’s diagnosis. This exam uses radio waves and a magnetic field to create soft tissue images of the body part being scanned. An MRI can also provide much more detailed information than x-ray films without the radiation. These images are then sent to our Radiologist for review. After the Radiologist interprets these images, we receive a detailed report of your injury or condition for your physician to correlate with the clinical exam as well.

Your MRI Exam

You can eat, drink and take regularly prescribed medications prior to your exam. If you will be having a lower extremity exam, you can bring some shorts without any metal on them to wear. We also have shorts available in our office for you.

You will be asked to remove your watch, credit cards, jewelry, keys, and/or hearing aid before approaching the MRI room. We also ask that you power off your cell pone and any other electronic items you have with you. All these items can affect our magnet and the images it produces or the magnet can ruin your items. The MRI exam will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Your results will generally be available within about a week. Please ask your Physician or technician if you need to schedule a follow up appointment to review your results.

Contra-indications to having an MRI include cardiac pacemaker, stents, pregnancy and aneurysm clips. Please notify your technician immediately if you have any of these conditions.


Our MRI unit is a state-of-the-art open extremity unit, which can virtually eliminate the claustrophobia associated with traditional MRIs. With our unit, the only part of your body placed in the magnet is the body part being scanned (ex:your knee). It is specifically designed for extremity imaging which includes knees, wrists and ankles. It is one of the most comfortable and least confining MRI systems available.