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Physical Therapy

When your ability to function as you would like in your daily life is threatened because of age, injury, disease or other factors, your quality of life is diminished. Our highly experienced and skilled team of physical therapists in Bellevue, WA can help you maintain your mobility and enjoyment in life. Bellevue Bone and Joint has some of the most experienced and educated physical therapists in the country. By thorough examination and diagnosis, we can establish a management plan that can help you develop, maintain, or restore maximum movement and functional ability.

Casting & Splinting

The ability to properly apply casts and splints is a technical skill easily mastered with practice and an understanding of basic principles. The initial approach to casting and splinting requires a thorough assessment of the injured extremity to properly diagnose and treat. Once the need for immobilization is ascertained, casting and splinting start with an application of a stockinet followed by padding. We also offer waterproof padding made of water-resistant material.


Our Bellevue orthopedic surgeons may suggest a series of injections if the more conservative treatment plans have failed. Viscosupplementation is a series of injections, anywhere from three to five, that lubricate and cushion your knee joint to relieve pain and can allow you to move more freely. Results will vary from patient to patient, and one typically does not feel results from these injections until after the series is completed.

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